Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas With Vintage Touch 53
Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas With Vintage Touch 53

54 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas With Vintage Touch

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One of the most popular categories of collectible vintage Halloween decorations is the hard plastic decorations and toys that were manufactured from the 1940s and onwards. It’s primarily the vintage plastic items that are of interest to collectors, so you will mostly want to take a look at products made in the Forties and Fifties, but some later finds from the Sixties and beyond are certainly interesting as well if you want to put together a fun and whimsical collection.

Some of the brand names to take note of are Irwin, Knickerbocker, Rosen, Rosbro and Union Products, but they aren’t even close to being the only companies making polystyrene and celluloid plastic novelty items for Halloween. They are just some of the most well known companies and therefore quite collectible.

Examples of some of the vintage hard plastic Halloween decorations include items like blow mold pieces in various shapes – Jack O’Lanterns, witches, and black cats are popular (and frequently together in a single piece) and many of the Halloween blow molds light up, glowing orange, especially Jack O’Lanterns, of course, but there are all kinds of shapes that are turned into lanterns as well.

But it isn’t just the larger blow mold pieces that are popular. You’ll also find lots of smaller items in hard plastic that are fun to collect. Look for party decorations such as cake picks, cake toppers and other small decorative pieces made to decorate cakes and cupcakes and other Halloween treats. You can also find Halloween drink stirrers for more adult parties too.

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