Creative But Simple DIY Camper Storage Ideas 43
Creative But Simple DIY Camper Storage Ideas 43

46 Creative But Simple DIY Camper Storage Ideas

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Organizing can be a chore but a nicely organized space shows maturity and organization skills that could become the envy of your family and friends. The garage, bathroom and shoe closet are some of the places that can easily get cluttered. In fact, many people don’t park their cars in their garages for fear of creating an avalanche of forgotten junk that has been deposited over time. Shoe lovers even the most fanatic just pile them up and shut the door of the closet. Bathrooms are small spaces so it can easily get messy and cramped in there. Here are some storage tips to help you be one step ahead of the mess.

Clean As You Go
This is especially true for the bathroom and kitchen. After your shower, mop up excess water or wipe the counters before going out the door. A good bathroom storage idea is to have a space designated for cleaning implements and a separate space to store extra TP, towels, shampoo and soap.

Contrary to popular belief, your garage is not the dumping place for unwanted household stuff. It’s a place to store your car. For those who use their garage to store their car, some repairs and maintenance are bound to happen inside. During repairs make sure to wipe off spills and store car products in their designated spaces immediately after use. Tools should also be returned to drawers, tool boxes and other storage spaces.

Throw Away Stuff You Don’t Use
Shoe lovers will loathe this idea because they love all their shoes even if they don’t use a pair or two anymore. We can’t all be Imelda Marcos and store 7000 pairs at once so it’s best to prune it down to pairs that we absolutely love and use all the time. If you can’t part with your shoes and don’t have space, one of the best shoe storage ideas is to rent a storage unit and rotate shoes. This way you still have your shoes and a smaller number is usually easier to manage.

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