Creepy Halloween Tabletop Decoration Ideas That Trends In 2019 38
Creepy Halloween Tabletop Decoration Ideas That Trends In 2019 38

43 Creepy Halloween Tabletop Decoration Ideas That Trends In 2019

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Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to really change up the house in preparation for your parties and costume contests. It’s one of the most fun times of year because you can get a bit outrageous and downright ghoulish with your decor. Whether it’s the tabletop decorations for the dining room, the right glass cake stands to hold your graveyard cake or just the right decorations to welcome guests in your haunted home, here’s a few ideas for the holiday.

For the main hallway walking into your home, line the walls with something creepy. You can have a parade of spiders leading further into the house, or streamers of bats hanging along the walls. Some well placed spooky signs warning your guests of their entrance can also be fun and make for a darker and scarier set up. Don’t forget the obligatory cobwebs hung in the corner, those are a must for every haunted house.

When your guests get to the other rooms, use tabletop accessories to not only decorate the dining room but the coffee table, end table, and any other surfaces you can cover with something creepy. Statues of gargoyles and black cats can decorate your shelves. If you want something a little more child friendly, consider decorating with items from Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a popular franchise for the season.

For the dining room, use black candles in your candle holders. There are actual candles that can “bleed” when they melt, which will add to the effect. Your other tabletop accessories like place mats, napkins and plates can all be bought with images of bats, skulls, and jack o’ lanterns on them. If you want to go with a more subtle appeal, pick the right colors. Black, white and orange are the perfect Halloween colors to decorate your table without having images of zombies everywhere, if that isn’t your style.

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