Lovely Pink Christmas Tree Ideas That'll Give Your Home A Girly Vibe 38
Lovely Pink Christmas Tree Ideas That'll Give Your Home A Girly Vibe 38

50 Lovely Pink Christmas Tree Ideas That’ll Give Your Home A Girly Vibe

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Pink is the new fashion color for Christmas, so manufacturers are coming out with all kinds of Christmas decorations in pink. In fact, you can even get your hands on a pink Christmas tree along with pink lights, stockings, and ornaments.

It’s amazing how many varieties of pink Christmas trees are available. It doesn’t seem to matter what your particular situation is or what specifications you have, you’ll be sure to find one that fits the bill for you. Whether you’re putting it in your daughter’s room or using it as the main Christmas tree in the living room.

This is just about the most sparkly Christmas tree you’re bound to find. And even though it’s billed as a pink and purple tree, it really just looks pink. This is because the only purple is actually just light purple tips on each strand of tinsel that make up the needles of the tree. The effect is spectacular because it gives the color depth and makes the branches shine even brighter.

This is an easy to put up tree too because the branches are hinged and it comes in 3 pieces. The tree is 2 of them and then the stand is the third piece. You just fit them together, pull the branches down into place and you’ve got your Christmas tree.

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