Gorgeous Living Room Design With Boho Style 34
Gorgeous Living Room Design With Boho Style 34

46 Gorgeous Living Room Design With Boho Style

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It is bohemian fashion style called Boho for short. The style has been around for a long time, reaching its peak in the 1970s and 1960s as bohemian fashion was adopted by the free spirited hippie personality of the time. Boho was originally associated with the Gypsies, a nomadic people in Europe. They moved from village to village in a carnival manner. They were seen as strange, mysterious, and even sometimes threatening people by the villages they visited. Not surprising because most people at that time never travelled outside their own territories and were frightened but also fascinated with the new and unknown.

Boho has seen a recent revival in the United States. Since the style does scream freedom and nonconformity, Boho has a certain appeal for artistic and creative personality types. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have embraced the style as their own.

Since Boho Style has been around for such a long time, it has integrated and adopted with so many other styles. You can find a different interpretation from every new generation. While there is some debate on what is truly bohemian, the evolution of the style keeps it vibrant as each generation makes it their own.

Salt of the Earth, without pretensions. Open, creative, sensitive, and experimental, Vintage, living in the present with the wisdom of the past. Embraces humanity as working towards a goal, a sense of community and connection. Rejects materialism and greed. Believes in the greater good. Believes in Karma.

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