Beautiful Spring Garden Ideas With Colorful Flowers For Your Dream House 39
Beautiful Spring Garden Ideas With Colorful Flowers For Your Dream House 39

50 Beautiful Spring Garden Ideas with Colorful Flowers for Your Dream House

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Do you love to walk outside in your backyard and enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers? Do you delight in the sound of chirping birds and the sight of the delicate wings of butterflies? Do you want to plant flowers that will come back yearly and multiply? Are you in a desert-like area where water conservation is a concern?

Starting a meadow garden takes patience and dedication. But once you have taken the time to do what is necessary, you can have years of enjoyment with little maintenance. Wild flowers are hearty, with the ability to drop seedlings into your nourished soil that will spread in your flower beds each Spring. Picking plants or seedlings that will blend into a magical canvas of color does not require a landscaping degree. Use your creativity-there are no set rules.

Preparing the soil, watering, weeding, and thinning out undesired flowers are all important in the beginning stages. The important thing is to start small and work the soil. You want to mix plants that co-exist well. American wild flowers, naturalized exotics (daisies are in this category) and other flowers that self-seed or need minimum maintenance are good examples. Plant species you love, but concentrate on native varieties. Once established, they need little watering or fertilizing.

Whether you plant seedlings or scatter seeds, choose species that fit the scale of your garden.
A small garden looks best planted with little flowers that don’t spread too rapidly-dwarf iris and native lilies. Select species with different bloom times: some that flower in spring (columbine), others that come into bloom in summer (daisies and phlox), and still others that will last right through fall (aster and coneflowers).

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