Innovative Indoor Water Garden Ideas For Best Indoor Garden Solution 30
Innovative Indoor Water Garden Ideas For Best Indoor Garden Solution 30

42 Innovative Indoor Water Garden Ideas For Best Indoor Garden Solution

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Creating indoor water gardens is almost equivalent with taking the pond from outside and bringing it inside in smaller dimensions. Most of the people choose to have indoor water gardens because they are easier to maintain and they offer more possibilities of exposing the flora.

Most of the indoor water gardens only contain plants. This is because fish need special treatment when being held indoor and usually that special treatment can only be given through a professional aquarium. The plants for the indoor water gardens are numerous and easy to find. What is really impressive is the fact that the indoor water garden can be held in a barrel or a bucket nicely arranged. These gardens are not spectacular through their form but through the plants they expose. These ponds are actually a collection of pots with plants, all kept under the water. Their moving is easy because you only have to move the pots from one place to another.

The nicest aspect of the indoor water gardens is that it allows exposing plants with different colors, dimensions, forms and contrasts. The bigger the contrast, the more beautiful the garden is. An interesting composition would be combining Typha laxmannii, Colocasia rubra (a plant with wide leaves) and a water lily with bi-color leaves. Of course, the plants floating on the water are the ones which finish the arrangement. These are: the plant with laced leaves (Pistia stratiotes) and Juncus effusus.

You can also easily combine the tall, thin and spiky silhouette of an iris pseudacorus with a tropical plant such as Alocasia, which has wide big leaves and is easy to care for. The border plants are the ones that are arranged near the water garden in order to give it a specific form and color. They usually share the same color, even if not the same form and create a beautiful path towards the game of colors inside the water garden.

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