Amazing Tall Lamp Tables For Living Room Design 26
Amazing Tall Lamp Tables For Living Room Design 26

50 Amazing Tall Lamp Tables For Living Room Design

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While a lot of homeowners think long and hard about the style, color and fabric of their upholstered furnishings, selecting tables can be an afterthought. Yet, the right table, or should we say tables, can make or break a room.

There are an endless variety of living room tables to choose from, not only in terms of styles, finishes and sizes, but also in terms of types of tables. Not all living room tables are created equal and knowing the difference between them can help you select the right mix for your home.

Coffee table. Once referred to as a cocktail table, it is a fairly recent addition to the living room, yet it has become indispensable. Often, if space or funds are limited it is the first and often only table a room needs. Coffee tables are traditionally large and low, not more than 2″ above the top of your sofa cushions. It is usually placed either in front of or between upholstered pieces. Its close proximity makes it perfect for serving drinks or food, as guests can easily set their plates and glasses down on these very handy living room tables.

End tables. These living room tables are usually found at the end of a sofa, sectional or love seat or between two occasional chairs. They can match the coffee table or have a different style, though the end tables themselves should match. They are taller than the coffee table, but usually not more than 6″ lower than the side arm of the sofa or sectional, allowing guests to set drinks or food on them easily. They are usually large enough to hold a lamp and many models offer a drawer, shelf or cabinet for storage.

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